The Sciences at School

Science classes ignore everything of importance.

Consider the health and environmental crises. Now, while ignorant and corrupted scientists claim that everyone must be afraid and be a prisoner of their own homes in order to avoid COVID-19, now that they insist that vaccination is the only way to save the world, do you think students will finally study virology, germ theory and vaccination in any in-depth manner and from any critical perspectives? No. Instead, they will study the parts of the cell, photosynthesis, the law of gravity, the table of elements, and so on.

Now that Climate Change is touted as the greatest threat to humanity, and carbon and methane are blame, isn’t it time for students to experiment with this, research this, and examine critical perspectives on the Climate Change article of faith? Apparently, critical thinking is not promoted in our schools.

Faith and belief and censorship by omission are rampant in the education system.

Geography teachers talk about the mining and the forestry industries as if they benefit humanity – ignoring the fact that these industries are waging war on life and threatening the future of humanity.

Biology teachers discuss photosynthesis – they are silent about the fact that humans are waging war on photosynthesis through deforestation, pollution and climate engineering.

Biology teachers are promulgating the myth that genes are responsible for many illnesses – they ignore the role of food, pollution, medicine, and stress.

Physics teachers discuss various laws of physics – laws that are commonly used by the military and other industries that wage war on life. Laws of physics have no use in the future.

Chemistry teachers focus on teaching students to create un-natural and unhealthy chemical reactions and combinations – they do not teach students about the healthy chemistry of the human body or about how students can promote healthy chemical reactions by helping rather than harming life.


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