To the Most Excellent Students of the World,

School was never meant to teach you how to live in harmony with nature, with one another, and with your own nature. On the contrary. School was always anti-nature. Schools are pro-government, pro-technology and pro-hierarchy brainwashing machines. They never wanted to develop independent-minded people ready to create new businesses let alone intelligent people capable of thinking critically of government, technology and hierarchy. Education’s goal was always to turn you into obedient workers and citizens dependent on governments and corporations for everything.

How do you like that?

So, sorry to deliver the bad news, but education sucks. However, leave it to our governments to find new ways to make education worse. Consider what a school in Quebec is planning for you. Is this the future you deserve and need?

Honestly, school was always prison-like and church-like. Now your government has found a way to make home prison-like. In the future, perhaps our dear leaders will create schools in which students are ‘safely’ locked for months and years while they struggle to explain why children should study for 12 years in a world where very few jobs require human intelligence.

What jobs are you fighting for? As I write, thousands and millions of ‘non-essential’ businesses are being destroyed. Everything the government deems non-essential is shut. Almost everything we love is judged non-essential. Your friendships are non-essential. Touching is non-essential and dangerous.

Now, leave it to our governments and media to think you won’t notice that education has been deemed a non-essential part of our world.

Now the time has come to issue teachers their report card. Yes, they passed many exams to become teachers, but they are failing the Exam of life, and they are failing to prepare you for the future.

What did they teach you about your immune system? Now that we are in an alleged pandemic, are they teaching you how you can strengthen your immune system? No. But they care about you. Yes, maybe emotionally, in some case, but they do not know how to help.

The future promises unemployment for millions more. How are your teachers preparing you to thrive by taking care of your own needs? No. But they care about you. They encourage millions of students to fight for a few thousand good jobs.

Are your history teachers helping you understand why the world is so dis-functional and stupid? Do they reveal the mistakes of our ancestors? Do they teach you how to live in a world without war and poverty? Do they dare imagine a better future?

Do your science teachers help you understand the dangers in your man-made environment–dangers such as cellphones, microwaves, pharmaceuticals, non-organic food, gm food, chemotherapy and so on?  Do any of them teach you to think critically of technology? What teacher has dared to explain that the wheel, for example, allows human to move quickly over long distances, but it always raises the risk of deadly collisions. Now the annual death-toll from car collisions is over a million people plus millions of animals. How can we live with this? And, in case you haven’t noticed, the more we depend on technology, the more life on this planet suffers and dies. I’m sure there’s a simply formula to prove this, but don’t wait for your teachers to teach it to you.

In our holy schools, does anyone enjoy religion classes? No, because critical thinking is also absent there. Religion classes should discuss the dangers of religion. How are they dangerous? They encourage people to not seek practical solutions to problems in politics, health, and the environment. All religions blind people to their mortality and—therefore—they encourage people to live recklessly and to treat life as if it never ends, or will continue in an imagined afterlife.

So, I say it’s time to quit school, stop taking orders from brainwashed teachers and start teaching them and the world that the world they created or accept is not acceptable to you, and since they are doing nothing to help you create a better world and reverse the deadly course we are on, the time has come for you to teach the teachers.


The Coalition of the Lovers of Life