School Strike Forever!

Do you remember the Climate Change strikes? That was silly. That was so yesterday. Now, students failed to strike in the mass numbers the elites had hoped, so they went to Plan B: COVID-19. Now the whole world is standing still and no one is going to a school. But wait, why are students still studying? Do they really think good jobs await them in the future? Haven’t they noticed the economic carnage around them? So, thanks to our elites, the old world is finished. An uglier world is coming, if we don’t stop this train and start using our feet and brains.

School strikes should have began decades ago, and perhaps the best reason for a school strike is school and the horrible thing that passes for education in our school buildings. Education mis-develops our children. Education ruins the potential that all healthy children have to become brilliant, thoughtful, loving, creative and humorous beings. It turns children into sheep, encyclopedias and calculators.

Education has done nothing to prepare children to survive in a world drowning in pollution, poison, corruption, fraud, and deception. The situation is so absurd that high school graduates still can’t imagine a world without government and technology, and don’t know what’s in the water they drink, the vaccines they receive, the air they breathe and the food they eat.

Isn’t it time to fight back a little? Isn’t it time for a little laughter?

Share my Open Letter to Teachers with your teachers: Open Letter to Teachers

What is in your water?

Are teachers role models? Now, do you remember the Climate Change strikes? Did teachers join you? Do teachers strike for poor people, to stop war, corruption and so on? They only strike for themselves. They do not strike so that students can learn more useful knowledge and skills; they never strike unless money is involved. 

Well, now that schools are closed, possibly for good (pun intended). Some students are discovering knowledge here and elsewhere on the internet. But why stop at knowledge? What about action? Perhaps the climate strikes were pointless, but don’t we have other issues that deserve strike actions?

Ah, but aren’t we tired of striking? The strike tradition is about 150 years old and has been declawed and made to look silly in a world in which our jobs are killing us.

So, revolutionize street protesting and activism! Who wants to march up and down streets screaming complaints and dire, apocalyptic warnings? Perhaps you do, but who wants to listen to you? That’s exactly the problem; no one wants to be told, “You must change your ways or else!” 

Protests used to have value. Politicians used to listen and worry. Protests, if large enough, made them shudder, take note, and respond in some placating manner. But around the world, the political class is more entrenched than ever, more compromised by corporate money, and more heavily protected by a militarized police force than ever. They are, perhaps, less likely to listen than they have been for many decades.

But this should not overly concern us. The modern protestor should have, as his or her intended audience, not the political class but the modern consumer, worker, and tax payer. We, the people, must finally understand that we are the victims, the enablers of our oppressors, the cause of our environmental and health crises, and the solution to our crises. 

So, what should we do? Should we protest against the ignorance of our fellow human beings?

Protesting should be a form of teaching, not preaching and prophesying. Teaching works by sharing knowledge. Teaching does not work between adults when it consists of classroom-style, one-way communication: telling and dictating. We need to provide information, ask stimulating questions, provide stimulating images and statistics, and suggest solutions.

Please explore some of my alternative approaches to protesting and spreading critical thought and revolutionary knowledge.


Street Dialogue

Pretend you are lost or pretend you are a journalist. Ask pedestrians, “Excuse me, did you wake up this morning with a smile?” or “Do you think children have a future on this planet?” or “Did you know that life is going extinct?” or, “Did you know that the cancer rate in this country is about 40% and that this rate is increasing?” or, “Did you know that autism, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s didn’t exist 100 years ago?”


Street Art and Graffiti

Write the above questions on sidewalks and walls. Use chalk or whatever else you can find. Draw environmental symbols. Draw our planet and turn it into an alarm clock. Be creative. Be Banksy. Let the artist in you discover that the world is our canvas and our music hall.


Door to Door

Just as evangelical churches and political parties do not march up and down streets demanding attention, but work door-to-door in order to communicate and convince people that they have a message worth listening to, so political activists should bring their message to the people’s homes. Since people have been tolerant if not entirely happy to listen to bullshit for many centuries, perhaps they are now ready welcome a little truth. Indeed, many social indicators suggest that truth is being welcomed; veganism, atheism are growing in popularity, and political disaffection and disillusionment are widespread. So, why not try speaking to people in the comfort of their homes? Possibly, ingratiate yourself by bringing gifts such as a useful book or some organic food.



All national and religious holidays can be co-opted, mocked and used to serve the revolution. For Christmas, instead of buying unnecessary gifts for spoiled family and friends, give useful books, organic food, furniture, clothing and so on to the poor, and make an effort to ensure that no one is forced to spend the day without companionship and shelter. You could even dress as a green and brown Santa. On Halloween, instead of using traditional monster and hero costumes, dress up as a nuclear bomb, a slaughtered pig, the national debt, and so on. On Thanksgiving Day, give thanks to the Sun, the soil, the rains, the farmers, and so on – or be sarcastic and give thanks to the political and corporate elites who are ruining life on Earth.


Placard Madness

Don’t bother trying to organize mass protests. Protest alone, or in small groups, and pick the ‘worst’ possible days – days such as national and religious holidays. And be creative with your placards. A placard with a big question mark might be more effective than one that says, “Down with Bayer-Monsanto!” If people don’t know what Bayer-Monsanto does, the placard will be useless; if they already know the crimes committed by B-M, we are preaching to the converted. Either communicate accurate information or stimulate thought with interesting content.


Okay, let’s imagine that somehow parents, teachers and other adult authorities refuse to let you protest the fact that they are destroying your future. Let’s imagine that. Now, let’s imagine that you fear them or fear for your education more than your life. Now what? Well, you can still be an activist and fight for your life in school.


In-School Strike!

At the very least, you can emulate the old sit-in strikes of the industrial workers of the 20th century. Sit-in strikes involve going to work, I mean school, taking your place or seat and doing nothing. This might even be more effective than striking on the street.


School Placards!

Well, why do nothing? At least, we should try to communicate. You could turn your clothing, a desk or blackboard into a consciousness raising placard. Secretly post pictures and posters throughout your school. Turn your entire school building into a beautiful placard.

Download logo


School Newspapers!

Start publishing a school paper that fearlessly reports the most depressing facts about our world and bravely covers the emergencies facing us today. Or, focus on local issues. Interview students who are sick of school, sick of something, or sick of everything.


School Videos!

If you want to reach a bigger audience, consider starting a YouTube or BitChute or other channel in which students report on what’s happening in their schools and students are interviewed and given a chance to do some overdue critical thinking about school, government, and anything else deserving of thoughtful and critical thinking. Or, emulate internet sensations Soph and Prince Ea, who make videos of themselves delivering well-scripted polemics and rants.

Soph (banned from YouTube): Be Not Afraid!

Prince Ea: What Is School For?


School Music?

Plenty of teens are interested in being musicians and singers. For the past 50 years, music has become increasingly meaningless and apolitical, but the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s is back with a vengeance, and so it should, because we are now facing universal debt, war, disease and extinction. So, let’s make revolutionary music that grabs people by the ears and shakes them out of the trance of normalcy. Consider creating music that protests against school, against the criminal mass medication of students, against the non-consensual fluoridation of water, against the inaction of adult authorities on the climate and other crises. And be inspired by musicians who are and were brave and wise enough to express criticisms of the present and visions of the future.

Here’s a link to Pink Floyd’s powerful school-protest song, “Another Brick in the Wall.”


In-Class Activism!

Being educated means being ignorant and helpless in the face of real problems. Schools teach nothing about power and class rule and nothing about what is in our vaccines.

Furthermore, they teach nothing true about how money works, why wars actually start, how serious the environmental and climate crises are, or even that poverty is spreading, that global health emergency exists and that we are in the Sixth Extinction.


Educate yourself, your peers and teachers!

Use this and other websites and resources to educate yourself and challenge teachers and fellow students with your knowledge. Demand that every minute of your education be devoted to understanding or solving the many problems that threaten to ruin or end your life.

The Reason Education Sucks

Don’t be shy or fearful. Respect is wasted on the ignorant, and plenty of teachers and adults are extremely ignorant. When you understand this – not from contempt or hate but from knowledge – then you have come of age and become a Wise One. Then your duty is to share your wisdom and to educate those who are not qualified to educate.

What if teachers do not appreciate your efforts to teach them and to direct your education? Perhaps we should remind teachers that they claim to teach critical thinking skills, so they should welcome students who challenge them with critical questions and critical knowledge.

To help you become a critical thinker, provocateur and agent of change, this section provides some of the best ammunition on the web. To speak like a poet, the school ‘bombs’ provided here are deadly to ignorance. They explode the bullshit being regurgitated by teachers who have swallowed hook, bait and sinker all the useless and false knowledge spread by the education-media complex.

If you have any doubt about the fact that teachers are mostly ignorant, remember that they are trained to teach you only what your government wants you to learn. Government-trained and government-paid educators will not teach you to think critically of your government or of any of the myths from which it profits, including myths about technology, medicine, food, drugs, sex, health, wealth, politics, economics, money, war and life. Failure to think critically of such things spells suicide. In short, teachers who do not think critically about such things are your enemies.

However, be prepared to be ignored, for in the words of Upton Sinclair, “It is difficult to get a man [or woman] to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Be prepared to fail, but fight the good fight nevertheless, but only if you want to save yourself, your peers and your future. Arm yourself with facts. Then challenge your teachers with questions about what they teach and challenge them with demands that they teach you what you and all people need to know.



Who do assignments and presentations that no one actually cares about and that have no impact on the world you live in and don’t interest you? If, like Tom Sawyer, you insist on trying to complete your formal, state-approved education, consider the following:

Do you have to do a presentation due? Get inspired by this:

Do you have to present a speech in school? Get inspired by this:

Do you have a health class? Then demand that your teachers explain why they don’t teach you about the importance of vitamin D and veganism, and about the dangers posed by antibiotics and vaccinations. Why, for example, don’t they teach students about what is in the vaccines being injected into their blood? Why aren’t they being told about the many risks involved in vaccination, the court cases, the mothers who swear their children were irreparably harmed? If you want to scare yourself just a little, read Merck’s insert for their measles vaccine:

If possible, record your rebel work and in-class activism, post it on the internet and share a copy with me.

Does your teacher want to waste your time by assigning you the job of watching a useless movie, play, or documentary during class? Then demand that your teachers show useful, controversial, thought-provoking documentaries, testimonies and speeches. Stop being passive and obedient. Your life is being wasted.

Want something serious to present? Consider studying the Sixth Extinction:

Want to develop your drama skills? Watch Extinction Rebellion’s Roger Hallam addresses Amnesty International. Cries about Climate Change, which has killed … how many? Somehow, he forgets to cry over the tens of millions who die annually of real environmental problems like toxic foods, toxic air, toxic water and electromagnetic pollution.

Need to be inspired by a great speaker? Watch Michael Parenti: The Killing of a Nation:

Want to learn about the forbidden subject of 5G Wi-Fi? Then watch

Want to know what they’re doing to your body? Then study vaccination and consider starting with this:

Want to know who your Prime Minister is: Then watch “The Ugly Canadian: Justin Trudeau’s Ugly Canadian Foreign Policy”:

Want to have hope for the future? Then watch “Regreening the Deserts”: and “Seeds of Permaculture”

Knock your teachers and fellow students out!

And while your leaders try to convince you to be afraid of CO2 and COVID-19, please remind them, the world and yourselves what the real emergencies are: a permanent war state, deforestation, poisonous medicines, dangerous levels of electronic and electric radiation, the Sixth Extinction, the ADHD lie and the mass-drugging of so-called ADHD children, drug epidemic among young students and a public school system that treats young students like second-class citizens — requiring them to spend their days in prison-like schools where fun is banished in the name of safety and where hypocritical authorities expect students to drink toxic city water and sit in uncomfortable and/or unsafe chairs, rooms, and buses. Etcetera.





We are living with many crises, and among them is the prescription and non-prescription drug crisis. Hundreds of millions of people in developed countries are addicted and dependent on prescription drugs that do not cure them, that are poison to their livers, and that suppress their emotions being produced by our depressing, infuriating and stressful civilization.

Presently, millions of children are being forced to take ADHD drugs by parents who still believe that students must, at all costs, cooperate with and succeed in the education system. They do not understand that the schools, medicines and other factors are creating ADHD minds. Students must refuse these dangerous medicines, and adults must stop forcing children to adapt to our insane world. The time has come to change our culture, our world and our civilization instead of our children. For info on Ritalin and other ADHD side-effects, please research and consider reading this:



Presently, hundreds of millions of children are being vaccinated without their informed consent. As such, vaccination is a great metaphor for conventional, centralized education in which students are forced to swallow ideas and books that are of no use to them or their future.

The vaccination problem, like the fluoridation problem, is twofold. First, students, parents and even teachers are ignorant of the full spectrum of ingredients contained in vaccines, not to mention the short-term risks and long-term effects of those ingredients. Secondly, teachers commonly warn students that if they are not vaccinated they cannot attend school – this is really doing them a favor, as student can spend their time better striking and studying outside of school. Moreover, in many places, laws exist that permit parents to exempt their students from vaccination and still attend school.



Alcohol is poison to the liver, poison to brain cells, and its use among young people is often deadly. But our society accepts it and promotes it for its ability to create the false sense of confidence people need to forget their fears, socialize and act like idiots. Join the movement to say No to alcohol and let’s start recognizing, addressing and resolving our fears.



If you feel you the need for refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or any other harmful stimulant, your world must change and you must change your habit of using drugs and stimulants to function in our screwed up world.

Drug use in high schools is common, but I do not blame the children, I blame a world that fills children with stress, boredom, and a desperate need for love, attention and acceptance.

What is the cure? Get High on Life!

As difficult as this seems in our world of multiple global crises and endless personal stress, it’s still possible. I am often high on life. I focus on being creative, helpful, healthy, and sustainable. I eat 99% raw food, consume no alcohol or drugs except cannabis for pain management during sleep. Now, at the age of 50, despite being a diagnosed sufferer of fibromyalgia, I have presently attained a state of health that likely exceeds anything I’ve enjoyed since who knows when, perhaps since vaccines in childhood triggered my first symptoms and weakened my immune system.

In conclusion, just as climate change can only be reversed and the climate can only be stabilized by people living more in harmony with Nature and with less technology, so our health, both physical and mental, will only be stabilized if we start living with less high-tech pharmaceutical pills and potions and start healing ourselves with natural foods and medicines.



Schools only teach you about CO2 and a little methane. This is beyond irresponsible and absurd. Humans are polluting the air with many inorganic and organic things that threaten life on Earth. Their failure to teach the history of geoengineering proves that they are unconscious government puppets. At the very least, we must recognize that manmade air pollution causes respiratory problems and is already being blamed for millions of deaths. We should also note that such pollution lowers intelligence and causes premature births and developmental problems for the unborn and for infants. Finally, we should bravely research the insanity of geoengineering, using research provided by experts and presentations by environmental activists such as Dane Wigington in video lectures like this one:



Take action by drinking the best possible water – or no water. I’m not joking. The water fetish being promoted by the bottled water industry serves no purpose except to make them rich. They buy our water for pennies or fractions of pennies and sell it to us for dollars. And the so-called free, municipal water pumped through our pipes comes from water treatment plants that fail to remove all harmful substances and that, in many cases, add toxic substances like chlorine and fluorine.

Most people don’t even know that their water is fluoridated because fluoridation of their water is done without public consent. Authorities often insist that the fluoridation of public water is good for dental health, but that would not absolve them of the crime of unilaterally and undemocratically fluoridating the water of millions of people, and their silly excuse hardly explains why, instead of selling fluoridated water as a kind of dental-care mouth wash, the entire water supply is fluoridated so that people are now bathing, drinking, and cooking in fluoridated water.



Again and again, children and people generally are being treated like lab rats by the sci-tech-for-profit world. Increasingly toxic and numerous energy pollutants like Wi-Fi are being dumped into our living spaces. These energies do not simply talk to our electronic devices; they penetrate walls and homes and they penetrate our skulls and organs. Many doctors are now especially concerned about Wi-Fi radiation and the planned roll-out of 5G Wi-Fi.

Don’t be a victim; educate yourself and take action. If necessary, persuade your parents to move. If that sounds too challenging, remember, Greta Thunberg spent over a year challenging her parents’ habit of flying around the world, explaining to them how irresponsible it was, before they agreed to change. Please, never underestimate the power of truth and of children who speak truth to power.



We live in a world addicted to fake news, virtual games and virtual socializing. Stop-BS-Now was created to help people navigate their way to truth and reality. The real and relevant news, partly provided here, should inspire you to take action and stop believing in and playing along with the economic game that is destroying life on Earth. The real and relevant news should inspire you to meet real people with whom you share a powerful, uniting plan, a bonding ambition to educate our rulers and elites, to protest against the status quo and to create a better world.

Can we survive without electronic media? Of course! Even if the authorities censor or silence us on radio, television, phone and internet, we have mouths and minds that will not be silenced, and we are too many and too full of life to silence.



Don’t rely on teachers, doctors, politicians or even parents to give you healthy food. I often see parents feeding children junk food and filling grocery carts with junk food, but my definition of junk food is very broad. If we are going to live more in harmony with nature, let us stop pretending that our digestive systems are not like those of all other animals, that somehow we can eat anything, and that we must eat cooked food. Nothing will help you regain your health faster than a raw, fresh, organic food diet.




The arts have been dying in our schools. But the arts should be mandatory for everyone. For optimal mental health, everyone needs to be creative on a daily basis. Let’s begin by creating music, songs, stories, poems, drawings, graffiti, paintings, and websites that educate others about reality and art that stimulates thought and celebrate life.



Optimal health requires active lifestyles and normal, natural exposure to germs, dirt and our fellow, germ-infested and dirty human beings. Our sanitized lifestyles are deadly and not in harmony with Nature.