We need plans that solve our problems, and our problems are many. We are experiencing a global health crisis, desertification, widespread proxy and unconventional wars, corrupt political systems, cancer, poverty, species extinction, medical madness, propagandistic media and a school system designed to turn students into consumers and destroyers of the ecosphere. 

The following represent two efforts to articulate a global, problem-solving plan:



  1. The 4 causes of public ignorance and inertia: CHURCH, SCHOOL, MEDIA + INCOME DEPENDENCY ON THE UNSUSTAINABLE ECONOMY.
  2. Alternative forms of public communication (protest) and education – do not depend on government, religious or corporate media. Obviously. Various forms of street protest, door-to-door, etc.
  3. Strategies for decommissioning the existing economy — strategies that do not depend on the political class: BDS (Boycott, Disinvest, -S (no Sanctions) or BDQ (where Q=quit), bank runs (BR), tax revolts (TR), and establishing parallel-alt-online public elections and parliament.
  4. Establish and fund the creation of new, localized, zero-carbon, non-toxic, non-hierarchical, agro-forestry communities.



  1. To educate yourself about the threats that face your life and future. How? Get out of school or find an alternative school. Your public and private school teachers are not trained to understand or promote near-zero-tech, harmonious living with Nature.
  2. To participate in and lead peaceful school or work strikes against Global Warming and/or any of the other real, anthropogenic problems caused by our failure to live in harmony with Nature – each other included – problems such war, landlessness, cancer, vaccine pollution, water pollution, food corruption, etc. 

To strike regularly, for example, once a week, every Friday, starting in September 2019; to strike twice a week, every Thursday and Friday, starting in January, 2020; to strike three times a week, every Wednesday-Friday, starting in April 2020; and so on. 

To strike in order to raise awareness of the crisis we are facing. Do not expect political and corporate leaders to care or to respond with meaningful and useful actions. 

  1. To create a parallel ‘government’ comprised of local people’s councils that promote local agriculture and gardening in order to create the food security that we need to survive climate catastrophe. 

People’s councils will also make decisions about how natural resources are developed, how infrastructure is maintained, what businesses are allowed to operate, etc. 

Ideally, pre-existing governments cooperate and provide support to the people’s councils; if they do not, the local councils will work independently. 

The local councils link and communicate globally, not to create a centralized authority but to help support one another with knowledge, ideas and acts of civil disobedience.

  1. To regreen the planet – not with annual crops and pastures but with food producing, carbon-capturing trees. We have deforested and desertified so much of the planet that over a trillion trees must be planted. Various organizations are already at work on this, but more needs to be done, and the People’s Councils can help.
  2. To achieve maximum environmental sustainability, food security, and – dare I say – happiness, people living in temperate and boreal climate zones must, eventually, migrate to climate zones where home heating is not needed and food can be grown outdoors at all times of the year.