How does math help us change the world? Math, like science, has been the tool of the engineers and profiteers who destroy life. They use it to create machines and devices that extract false wealth, project deadly power, exploit people and destroy life.

Today, honest scientists and statisticians use numbers to prove that a world of science and numbers that pursues false wealth is utterly unsustainable and has caused and will cause catastrophes.

What use does a gardener have for mathematics, even for any number larger than 100?



Accounting, economics and business teachers assume that their fields are not essential to our for-profit, false-wealth, exploitative and unsustainable economy. They understand nothing about how money or credit is created by banks and government, how accounting tricks are normalized in banking, how accounting corruption is widespread in the corporate world, and how our debt-based system has created a world of debt-prisoners who are terrified of numbers instead of death, disease and extinction.



Teachers are busy trying to prepare students for the job market – a job market that offers children the opportunity to contribute to their own sickness and extinction, a job market with no future for itself since it is designed to destroy life.

Why bother going to school for a job? Many jobs that don’t require university education – real estate agent and broker, bond salesman, politician, business owner, farmer, driver, investor, soldier, porn star, actor, etc. None of these jobs requires a university education, not that I recommend them.

The best career is the career of the activist who refuses to participate in the global economy as either a worker or a consumer and taxpayer. The knowledge needed to live sustainably and happily is not found in our schools and is useless to anyone seeking a proper career and financial profit.


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