StopBSnow! is for rebel students interested in learning about life, wanting to love life, and not interested in the pursuit of fake wealth and vain pride.

StopBSnow! is a firebrand, a manual for the last revolution, an inspirational energy, a provocatuer and a guide to a world beyond civilization.

This is a website for everyone — for everyone is affected by education and the media. This website is designed to help everyone think critically about the education-media complex, and it help students use great literature, movies, documentaries and journalism to criticize and transcend the myths and habits being promoted by the mainstream education-media complex. This means, in part, that teachers and students can learn here how to use literature in revolutionary ways. Additionally, this website provides free lesson material for rebel teachers and, free of charge, it provides copies of my not-copyrighted books. Finally, on the homepage and in the Extra category, this website highlights the work done by other inspired students and teachers of life. Submissions and suggestions can be emailed to