I am the nightmare of our dear leaders and authorities.

I grew up at a time when corporal punishment was still administered in Canada. My hands often facilitated what little exercise teachers gave themselves.

As early as Grade 3, I complained about a teacher and was moved to another class. I have a long history of challenging teachers and professors who judged my thoughts and graded me unfairly. I suppose I was quite a pain in the ass.

My post-secondary education is also marked by rebellion. I quit a college program in my second year and quit part-time university studies in the Arts after just two years. In the former case, i was bored; in the latter case, i felt i could learn more alone.

After spending nine years reading, writing and painting in solitude, i returned to university and completed my Masters in English Literature.

After leaving university for good, i gradually developed a successful private tutoring business, published a little on the internet, and simultaneously embarked on my most serious educational journey, a self-directed educational journey that has culminated in a series of eight books, video lectures and this website.

As i have grown older, i have learned to appreciate the wonderful innocence and intelligence of children and to view most adults as victims of a lifetime of poor thinking, eating and other habits.

Now that the world is facing so many adult-made crises, i wish to help all the children who have so much to lose and who so badly wish to rebel and create a better world. May this website help them achieve the justice and life they deserve.

Mother Earth