History, Politics and Other Subjects Are Rife with BS

Students of history and politics might be taught about the Senate, Congress, Parliament, elections and so on, but they will not be taught anything ‘critical.’ In Canada, for example, such students will not learn that the electoral system is unfair and they certainly won’t learn that every Prime Minister must swear to be loyal–not to Canadians but to the Queen of England, and that Prime Ministers must also attend Privy Council meetings and keep secret anything that they learn therein, and that the Governor General has more authority than the PM and serves the Queen of England. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykIFQsDaou8

Democracy is equally illusory in the U.S. No, the Founding Fathers were not beacons of morality and wisdom.

Below are links to documents with some of the facts that schools will not teach:








History of Student Activism

Dangerous Women

Congo Holocausts

Communism and Socialism



Geography teachers teach children to memorize political maps – forgetting that all political borders are founded on war and violence.

Politics teachers ignore the fact that superior forms of democracy existed among indigenous peoples. Teachers are historically ignorant.

The history of progress is fought for against the will of governments. Blacks, workers, women, artists, unionists, and so on fought their governments for real progress.

Throughout history, all progressive policies are the work of reluctant politicians compelled by relentless activists and protestors. If representative democracy worked, America would not be spending the bulk of its taxes on war and Canada would not be spending the bulk of its taxes on health care and interest payments to the BIS. Everything would be different.

Why don’t history and politics teachers teach the truth about anarchy, communism, and socialism? The truth was not taught to them in their universities. Anarchy, communism and socialism are taboo subjects that have been buried under slander and misinformation. But, considering the severity of our current crises and the failure of our so-called democratic leaders to take meaningful actions, isn’t it time to discuss alternative political arrangements?

History teachers persuade children that their national, political and economic history is marked by progress and justice – they forget that all wars are fought for profit and territory, and they forget that acts of confederation and other acts that centralize authority are done for the sake of power and profit and are agreed to only by people living in fear of invasion or living with the illusion that living in a powerful nation state will somehow benefit them.

History teachers whitewash history. They do not dare discuss the fact that no solution is possible for indigenous people and for all the landless peoples of the world and all the people who no longer understand the value of land–no solution is possible for anyone until land ceases to belong to private, corporate and government entities and the economy is converted into one that promotes life instead of destruction, death and false wealth. But this they dare not teach you.

History and anthropology teachers assume we have nothing to learn from pre-civilized peoples – their errors included. They do not grasp that pre-civilized peoples never desired to be civilized and never dreamed of visiting Paris or some other idol of civilization. In contrast, pioneers often defected to indigenous communities. On the other hand, too little attention is being paid to the fact that dispossessed indigenous people have turned hunting into a fetish and neglect the historical and critical importance of plant-based foods to most indigenous traditions, peoples and survival.

Neither geography nor history teachers speak about how their nation’s foreign policies and foreign exploits in the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and elsewhere have created and recreated borders and nations, made Western elites rich and impoverished the rest of the world.