For the past century and more, we have been living in a GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY: Cancer, diabetes, autism, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and various immune disorders have exploded over the past century. What is the cause? Do you think our unhealthy, technology-created sedentary lifestyles, our addiction to medicines, the unleashing of thousands of new chemicals into our environment, and the enveloping of the planet in electromagnetic radiation might be responsible? Do you think?

Of course, our governments act as if the existing medical system is the solution. In fact, if you haven’t researched the facts yet, let me give you a brief summary: the medical system is partly responsible for creating the health crisis, a crisis our leaders do not even acknowledge exists. They only worry about the economy and the next election.

Health and fitness teachers are not much better. They teach children to believe in the so-called food pyramid and our for-profit medical cult. The food pyramid is bullshit. My health improved when I removed grains from my diet, improved more after I removed dairy products, and the elimination of meat from my diet has had no noticeable negative impact for me but it benefits our environment and helps reduce the crimes being committed against animals by our meat industry. Finally, I stopped eating cooked food and my health improved even more. Then why aren’t vegetarianism, veganism and rawism recommended by our governments? Money and the influence of the food industry.

Do you need to eat animal protein and animal calcium to be big and strong? Ask the elephants and our livestock for their opinion, and then ask the meat and dairy industry profiting from your ignorance.


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Food plays a major role in human health, and presently schools DO ALMOST NOTHING to educate children about their food choices.

I often see parents feeding children junk food and filling grocery carts with junk food, but my definition of junk food is far broader than that of a typical adult, even broader than the ideas held by most health-conscious adults. If we are going to live more in harmony with nature, let us stop pretending that our digestive systems are not like those of all other animals and therefore we can eat anything, and that we must eat cooked food. Nothing will help you regain your health faster than a raw, fresh, organic food diet.

Finally, for health, children – both boys and girls – need to be active, and since school and parents tend to prevent them from being active, the age of student activism is a blessing.



Drug problems start in childhood, often with abused and neglected children, and schools are popular drug distribution grounds. Teachers and principals and law enforcement do almost nothing. It’s a social disaster that proves our civilization deserves to be tossed in the trash.

Never mind our silly viral pandemics. We are living in the midst of an illegal and prescription drug pandemic. Hundreds of millions of people in developed countries are addicted and dependent on prescription drugs that do not cure them and instead poison them. Addiction is widespread, and the negative influence on mental ability and physical health go largely ignored.



Presently, millions of children are being forced to take ADHD drugs by parents who still believe that students must, at all costs, cooperate with and succeed in the education system. They do not understand that the schools, medicines and other factors are creating ADHD minds. Students must refuse these dangerous medicines, and adults must stop forcing children to adapt to our insane world. The time has come to change our culture, our world and our civilization instead of our children. For info on Ritalin and other ADHD side-effects, please research and consider reading this:



Presently, hundreds of millions of children are being vaccinated without their informed consent. As such, vaccination is a great metaphor for conventional, centralized education in which students are forced to swallow ideas and books that are of no use to them or their future.

The vaccination problem, like the fluoridation problem, is twofold. First, students, parents and even teachers are ignorant of the full spectrum of ingredients contained in vaccines, not to mention the short-term risks and long-term effects of those ingredients. Secondly, teachers commonly warn students that if they are not vaccinated they cannot attend school – this is really doing them a favor, as student can spend their time better striking and studying outside of school. Moreover, in many places, laws exist that permit parents to exempt their students from vaccination and still attend school.



Alcohol is poison to the liver, poison to brain cells, and its use among young people is often deadly. But our society accepts it and promotes it for its ability to create the false sense of confidence people need to forget their fears, socialize and act like idiots. Join the movement to say No to alcohol and let’s start recognizing, addressing and resolving our fears.



If you feel you the need for refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or any other harmful stimulant, your world must change and you must change your habit of using drugs and stimulants to function in our screwed up world.

Drug use in high schools is common, but I do not blame the children, I blame a world that fills children with stress, boredom, and a desperate need for love, attention and acceptance.

What is the cure? Get High on Life!

As difficult as this seems in our world of multiple global crises and endless personal stress, it’s still possible. I am often high on life. I focus on being creative, helpful, healthy, and sustainable. I eat 99% raw food, consume no alcohol or drugs except cannabis for pain management during sleep. Now, at the age of 50, despite being a diagnosed sufferer of fibromyalgia, I have presently attained a state of health that likely exceeds anything I’ve enjoyed since who knows when, perhaps since vaccines in childhood triggered my first symptoms and weakened my immune system.

In conclusion, just as climate change can only be reversed and the climate can only be stabilized by people living more in harmony with Nature and with less technology, so our health, both physical and mental, will only be stabilized if we start living with less high-tech pharmaceutical pills and potions and start healing ourselves with natural foods and medicines.