Climate Change, Geoengineering and Trees

Cloud History


The Solution: Permaculture


This section is intended to empower people with knowledge about some of the numerous health hazards that the media and schools usually ignore or are ignorant of.


To claim that CO2 and methane are the greatest threats facing us is irresponsible and absurd. Humans are polluting the air with much worse crap. At the very least, we must recognize that man-made toxins are killing forests, causing millions of respiratory-related deaths, lowering intelligence and causing premature births and developmental problems for the unborn and for infants. Finally, we should bravely research the insanity of geoengineering, using research provided by experts and presentations by environmental activists such as Dane Wigington in video lectures like this one:



Take action by drinking the best possible water – or no water. I’m not joking. The water fetish being promoted by the bottled water industry serves no purpose except to make them rich. They buy ourwater for pennies or fractions of pennies and sell it to us for dollars. And the so-called free, municipal water pumped through our pipes comes from water treatment plants that fail to remove all harmful substances and that, in many cases, add toxic substances like chlorine and fluorine.

Most people don’t even know that their water is fluoridated because fluoridation of their water is done without public consent. Authorities often insist that the fluoridation of public water is good for dental health, but that would not absolve them of the crime of unilaterally and undemocratically fluoridating the water of millions of people, and their silly excuse hardly explains why, instead of selling fluoridated water as a kind of dental-care mouth wash, the entire water supply is fluoridated so that people are now bathing, drinking, and cooking in fluoridated water.



Again and again, children and people generally are being treated like lab rats by the sci-tech-for-profit world. Increasingly toxic and numerous energy pollutants like Wi-Fi are being dumped into our living spaces. These energies do not simply talk to our electronic devices; they penetrate walls and homes and they penetrate our skulls and organs. Many doctors are now especially concerned about Wi-Fi radiation and the planned roll-out of 5G Wi-Fi.

Don’t be a victim; educate yourself and take action. If necessary, persuade your parents to move. If that sounds too challenging, remember, Greta Thunberg spent over a year challenging her parents’ habit of flying around the world, explaining to them how irresponsible it was, before they agreed to change. Please, never underestimate the power of truth and of children who speak truth to power.