Do You Trust the Media?

If you trust the mainstream media, then you trust an institution that censors any and all information that would expose our rulers, both political and corporate. It also censors any and all information related to the abject failure of our governments to produce healthy and happy citizens. It also promotes fear of ‘others,’ war, consumerism, dangerous technologies and medicines, junk and fake foods, millionaire athletes, alcohol, and so on. And yet, we trust them?

Now, as our economies are crumbling; now, as our food industry is crumbling; now, as a police state is forming and people are about to be treated like lab rats by an industry eager to profit from experimental vaccines, now, let us examine our sources of information and consider the critical perspectives of people risking ridicule to make unpopular reports.

The Big Media Handout

Media Resistance


We live in a world addicted to fake news, virtual games and virtual socializing. Stop-BS-Now was created to help people navigate their way to truth and reality. The real and relevant news, partly provided here, should inspire you to take action and stop believing in and playing along with the economic game that is destroying life on Earth. The real and relevant news should inspire you to meet real people with whom you share a powerful, uniting plan, a bonding ambition to educate our rulers and elites, to protest against the status quo and to create a better world.

Can we survive without electronic media? Of course! Even if the authorities censor or silence us on radio, television, phone and internet, we have mouths and minds that will not be silenced, and we are too many and too full of life to silence.


The Arts

The arts should be mandatory for everyone. For optimal mental health, everyone needs to be creative on a daily basis. Unfortunately, because we are living in a death economy, the arts are dying and what still passes for art is hopelessly artless, uncreative, gimmicky, repetitive, not funny and stupid.

How can we bring art and creativity back into our lives? Let’s begin by creating music, songs, stories, poems, drawings, graffiti, paintings, and websites that draw attention to the climate and other crises – and let’s create art that celebrates the world we wish to create.

The Formal Education System Is Part of the Media

What are we teaching our children?


The majority of the literature being read in our schools for Language and English classes have nothing useful or valuable to teach us. My students frequently introduce me to books that I destroy with just a few questions and insights. Students need to do the same in their classes. Do the books you read provide any useful insights into human nature and into the crises we are experiencing? Never be afraid to express criticism or dangerous questions.

Some books do teach useful morals – but these morals are often overlooked by teachers, for they are trained to look for literary devices and useless archetypes, and they are trained to ignore the relevance of the morals they discuss only in the context of literature.

English teachers might claim that a certain literary classic teaches us about the danger of ambition or greed, but they rarely understand that irony of the fact that the entire education system is designed to produce children who are ambitious for lucrative jobs and greedy for the rewards of such jobs.

English teachers might teach that a certain villain uses deception and illusion against the protagonist, but they do not notice the irony that our entire civilization is founded on deception and illusion.

English teachers love to focus discussions on gender and race issues; they rarely even notice when great literature is critical of them and their blind faith in education, capitalism, government, religion, science and technology.

English teachers might teach students that a certain novel teaches us about the value of friendship, but they will not teach them that our entire civilization is founded on competition, rivalry, war and conflict.

English teachers might teach students that the media are sexist and racist and that they perpetuate unhealthy and unrealistic body images, but teachers rarely teach that the media normalize violence, promote war and both health and environmental destruction, are instruments of state propaganda, and are controlled and infiltrated by corporations, intelligence agencies and billionaires.

Never be afraid to drop a thoughtful bombshell.



What good has the study of philosophy accomplished? It’s a wonderful world for people seeking clarity and understanding in a world that makes no sense, but the world of philosophy is mostly a stale, infertile field littered with useless abstractions and other rocks and salt deposits. During my long journey through the world of philosophy, I only learned to understand that obscure books are obscure because their authors feared clarity. The philosophical fallacies are worth studying and applying in classes and daily life, but being able to recognize when others are using false reasoning to win arguments is one thing, knowing how best to live is quite another thing. For that, one needs to study atheism, anarchy, polyamory, multi-polarism, mortalism, polysemy, poly-functionalism, etc.



No one understands Freud and the hierarchy of needs is a joke. Our present needs include living sustainably, producing and consuming healthy food, liberating ourselves from religious superstition, banks, debts and hierarchies, and to become artists, lovers and gardeners.



If I hear one more student talk about automation and robotics as if such things were a blessing to humanity, I think I will quit my job and advise my students to go to Google or buy a little Apple-bot. they do not understand that computers and robots are not sustainable developments and that their primary purpose is to make the rich richer and the poor unemployed.

Every subject needs a bomb – I mean a revolution – and shop classes are not exceptions. Such classes always condition students to think that their machines and constructions are sustainable, healthy and wise, and they are none of these. Our machines are a danger to life and the construction industry has a gigantic ecological footprint and produces what are now called sick buildings – that is, buildings made from so much toxic material that they threaten the health of their inhabitants. Additionally, cost-saving developments in car and home construction have made cars and homes more expensive to maintain, shorter-lived, and worse collision and fire hazards. Perhaps we should start learning to live locally and build with local materials such as cob or adobe. Oh – but who dares to reject the treasures of civilization?