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This page provides explorers with free, not-copyrighted copies of the eight books that represent the culmination of my life’s journey through a world of bullshit and my ultimate discovery of useful and critical facts. Unlike most multi-volume book series, these books were written, at least to some extent, simultaneously and are therefore closely integrated. The eight book series includes seven mostly non-fiction works and one work of fiction. The non-fiction works are not typical or scholarly works; all are impassioned and deliberately emotional, and most provide readings and interpretations that are supported by much more textual evidence than is provided by the sloppy interpretations provided by most English and Religious literature educators. Beyond Civilization challenges the ridiculous whitewash and bullshit that passes for our prehistory, history, present and future. Finally, The Bad, Bad Book is an experimental satire about humanity. Unlike conventional satires, which mock by exposing or even exaggerating the idiocy of our world, the BBB mocks by exposing how easily our world could begin being intelligent. This means, in part, that the BBB’s characters are intentionally funny instead of accidentally funny. The difference is enormous.

Note 1: Core excerpts, independent chapters and severely abridged versions have been provided for specialists and people and living in a rush.

Note 2: The eight books provided here are in different states of completion. In the literary or editory sense, they will never be complete or finished. In a literal sense, they will probably not be complete until after my death, when and if 1) the world they verbally destroy is actually destroyed, or rather decommissioned, dismantled and abandoned, and 2) the future world they envision is actually created in accordance with the ninth text, the Laws of Life.