Coronavirus Crisis: A New Excuse to Control the World

Alex Jones of Infowars interviews veteran reporter, author of and the long-time virus-scare debunker, Jon Rappoport. If I recall correctly, Jon’s points in this interview (or in his articles on the subject of the coronavirus) include most of the following:

Similar virus crises ended long before they became the epidemics the media, authorities and experts were already calling them.

Real health crises do exist but are being ignored. Pneumonia and respiratory diseases are epidemic in China. Cancer and auto-immune diseases are epidemic around the world. Human health and immune systems are being destroyed by toxic chemicals and unhealthy lifestyles.

The vaccine industry has attempted to profit from these virus scares before, and vaccines are toxic.

U.S. bio-weapons labs have weaponized viruses before (I may have read this elsewhere).

Suspiciously, Bill Gates funded a test emergency response action plan to a coronavirus epidemic in China three months before this outbreak.

To these points I add the possibility that the Chinese government’s heavy-handed and economy-crushing response might be intended to serve as the excuse for an intended global economic crash, which will serve as the excuse for mandating a global currency and an unelected, one-world emergency government that will dictate how people live. The man-made coronavirus crisis and the imaginary man-made climate change crisis will serve as the reasons and excuses for implementing an emergency global government.

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