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The Stop BS News show is my latest AV work. It features comic relief and grumpy commentator, Sir Peter Rabbit. My focus is bullshit in Canada and COVID-19.


August 19: What’s Killing Canadians?

August 10: Bullshit in Canada, Part 2: Tearing the Mask off P.M. Justin Trudeau

August 3: A Grumpy Yet Incisive Analysis of Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer’s Bullshit


Peter’s Literary Revelations with Real World Connections:

August 28: The Masonic Bible: 2 (The transcript: Masonic Bible 2)

The Masonic-19 Bible – Revelations for Believers


O. Henry vs COVID-19

Beyond Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

Psychopathy in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Mask of COVID-19”

Why English Classes Cause Extreme Sleepiness and COVID-19 – Mark Twain and Anarchism

A Teacher Boldly Analyzes and Grades the 2010 Rockefeller Paper — Scenarios for the Future of …

Point, Proof, Analysis at School, But Governments Say Whatever Will Fool

Hippocrates: The Corruption at the Origins of Western Medicine


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Below are YOUTUBE embedded podcasts. I stopped posting on YouTube in late May 2020, since YouTube appears to be blocking access for viewers.


The Revolutionary Mark Twain: Medicine and Health in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (ATS1)


Dr Heideger’s (Dr Fauci’s) Experiment


Edgar Allan Poe’s Prophecy: Where do Our Leaders Want to Take Us?


The (Ironic) Alchemist

Two Short Prophecies for Us by Ray Bradbury


The Unteachable Fahrenheit 451


The Revolutionary Charlotte’s Web


Lord of the Flies: An Evil Book


Of Mice and Men: A Tale of Power and Death


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Warning to the World

The Wizard of Earthsea: A Prophecy for Our Time


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Prophecy for Our Time


To Kill a Mockingbird, Part Three


To Kill a Mockingbird, Part Two

To Kill a Mockingbird, Part One


Romeo and Juliet Is a Disgusting Play


The Secret Garden: Why Quarantines Are Unhealthy


The Great Gatsby: The Unteachable Novel




Animal Farm




Holes, by Louis Sachar


1984 Part 3


1984 Part 2


1984 Part 1