Questions Concerning Child Crusader Greta Thunberg

By Green Prophet

Between adulation and dismissal, I have seen little if any critical thinking about Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg and her crusade for the climate. And yet, I see much to wonder about.

Firstly, she somehow received an open door to the United Nations, the Vatican, Davos, Obama’s personal office in Washington, an in-person meeting with President Trump, etc. Good luck getting access to any of this if you’re a genuine critic of the status quo. In the words of Graham Dockerty of RT,

“The very idea of ‘protest’ implies some resistance, some injustice of state to be overcome. Climate protesters would argue that not enough is being done to heal our heating earth – and that’s a debate beyond the scope of this article – but government, media, and the world’s power brokers have aided Thunberg and co’s protest movement at every step of the way.”

“France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ protests began in opposition to a fossil fuel tax hike, and were met with all of the violence described above on a weekly basis. Thunberg, in contrast, was invited to address the French parliament in July. Likewise with her appearances at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, her speeches before British parliament and the US Congress, and her most recent UN appearance. On every occasion, the world’s political leaders rolled out the red carpet and held the door open for her to lecture them.”

Greta’s glaring self-contradiction also suggests a deliberate effort to con the public about her radicalness. During her first appearance, at the U.N.’s COP24 Conference, she rightly dismissed the U.N. for betraying the world: “You have ignored us in the past and you will ignore us again.” And yet, with stunning disregard for her own prediction, she and 15 other young protestors are filing a lawsuit with the U.N. against five polluting nations. Why does she trust the U.N. now? Is she forgetful or is this a bad joke crafted by behind-the-scenes agents?

Why is Greta focused on one global issue while we confront multiple ongoing or imminent emergencies such as the global hunger emergency, the extinction emergency, the cancer and other health-related emergencies, the financial emergency, the militarism emergency, the surveillance-state emergency, and so on? Is it a coincidence that the climate change issue is the one that international bodies propose to fix with expensive bureaucracy and technology even though this is the one global issue whose facticity thousands of scientists dispute?

Greta and company are filing a lawsuit against five nations that signed the third optional protocol to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Russia, China, India, the U.S., the U.K., Canada and other English-speaking nations did not sign it, but this is hardly a good reason for her to ignore them, the world’s biggest polluters, and for picking on relatively minor polluters.

Why does Greta never speak out against the world’s greatest single-source polluter, the U.S. military? Why not speak out against the banks that are funding our super-industrialized war on life? Why does she make no mention of geoengineering and the climate modification technologies that are being used and proposed? In her country, Swedish green party politician, Roy Hagberg, spoke publicly about the increasing evidence of geoengineering in Sweden’s skies. Will Greta, like other environmentalists, support dangerous geoengineering methods as the safe, quick-fix solutions their proponents so blithely advertise?

Greta’s omissions, her obsession with personal transportation and her legal suit against five nations that the U.S. is struggling to control suggest that Greta is consciously or unconsciously exempting powerful, globalist nations and organizations from her attack while browbeating and blaming smaller nation-states and all citizens who don’t drive electric cars and sail in wind-powered yachts.

At the COP24 conference, Greta ended her browbeating assault by telling the U.N. that “the real power belongs to the people.” If this is true, why doesn’t she speak to “people” instead of to politicians? Why not meet with environmentalists and indigenous peoples who are risking their lives and/or losing their land every day? And now that she’s in New York, why doesn’t she speak to the unemployed and poor millions there? Why, in short, is she so intent on directing the world’s hopes into the hands of that unelected body of globalist tools, the United Nations?

And why has she travelled to Poland and now to New York to speak? Why can’t she speak via internet or telephone? Photo ops for her handlers? If we ship our bodies across oceans and continents, at least we should use our bodies and get involved in agroforestry and tree-planting – the most effective and safe solution to absorbing CO2 and shifting to a sustainable economy. The world has no shortage of tree-planting initiatives, yet, to my knowledge, Greta has expressed no support for them.

Greta claims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the climate change emergency. If this is true, she might be the first person to be diagnosed with climate change induced PTSD. This is dubious. Slow-moving, non-violent catastrophes are not commonly responsible for PTSD. War, police brutality, prison and domestic violence are the more common causes, but our ruling elites are presently disinterested in these problems, so presently they don’t exist.

In fact, many photos and videos exist of Greta enjoying herself and smiling as she travels the world, not going to school, meeting current and former heads of state like Obama and Pope Francis and attending conferences for the elites, like Davos. Nevertheless, in her recent outburst she accused the world of ruining her childhood and keeping her from school.

Her mother was a Swedish opera star … A curious coincidence? If Greta is so passionate about climate change, why are all her speeches scripted, and why must she check her notes even though her speeches are quite short? And, I’m very sorry to report, but the speech she delivered on September 23, 2019 ( seems melodramatic (see image below), as if she were acting. Yes, emotions can be faked. Wisdom can’t.

In conclusion, if Greta is genuinely suffering from extreme stress, her campaign should makes us wonder about the cause behind her stress. Luckily, the mystery was solved by researcher William Engdahl, who published his forensic report at both the New Eastern Outlook and at under the title, “Climate and the Money Trail.”