We’re calling Bullsh*t on Canadian Banks

Let’s stand up! Canadians (in particular the BIG BANKS), are having a huge hand in the CLIMATE CRISIS.

Extinction Rebellion and allied organizations including artists, activists, and community members plan to carry out NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION on June 25, 2019 to disrupt the daily activity of the TOP CANADIAN BANKS at the four corners of King St. and Bay St. from 8AM to 6PM.

These banks are complicit in the climate crisis, and it is urgent that they take responsibility for the catastrophic impact their fossil fuel investments have on the natural world.

As recent IPCC reports state, the current rate of warming puts our own species at risk of extinction, no joke. We’re embarrassingly one of the top 10 global emitters (only making up .05% of global population), and have the worst carbon emissions per capita among G7 countries.

Since 2016 Canada’s 5 major banks have financed $464 billion dollars worth of fossil fuel projects. NOT COOL. We want the big 5 banks at the corner of King and Bay to know, we see what you’re up to – BULLSH*T- you’re not doing enough.

The Four Corners Action will be a family friendly, fun, peaceful, and inclusive atmosphere, generating awareness for climate justice, and welcoming passers by to stop and engage in how they might be a part of a larger collective for transformative change. Alongside a lively protest buskerfest, there will be soap bubbles, sidewalk chalk drawings, skipping ropes, and a “speaker’s corner.”

Join Extinction Rebellion at ground zero where 4 of the big banks are located in Toronto for our Four Corners Action on Bay Street.